Community Dialogue Grants

Promoting a Healthy Drinking Culture in BC

Please note: the community dialogue grants have now been awarded, and we will not be accepting any further applications.

CAI will be awarding convening grants up to the value of $15,000 to fund community dialogues around moderate-risk alcohol consumption. In addition to the convening funds, grantees and their communities will be supported with alcohol-related resources and capacity-building tools, along with knowledge exchange opportunities.

We are looking for community-based organizations in municipalities across BC to lead and collaborate with other partners to explore alcohol-related harms caused by moderate-risk drinking in their community, and work together towards building a healthier drinking culture. CAI is offering convening grants to support community dialogues which focus on this issue, bringing together key players to examine and understand the use and impact of alcohol in their communities.

Guide to Organizing Community Dialogue on Moderate-Risk Drinking

CAI-Dialogue Guide

Dialogue Guide (Additional Resources)

CAI Additional Resources

Evaluation Guide

CAI Evaluation Guide

Funding Opportunity

CAI Funding Overview and Application Form



If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Anna Harcourt, Project Coordinator:
[email protected]